Library of Education

Founded in 2009, the Library of Education was co-established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Library and the former Graduate Institute of Education. Currently, the Library has 2304 Chinese copies of books and 2366 in English, among which 2270 of the collections were donated by Professor Philip G. Altbach. Together with SJTU Library, the School of Education has been holding exhibits every year, introducing the latest monographs and other books relevant to education. With our display shelves for 800-1000 books, we enable our community to explore more in the related fields of education, psychology, physical health, etc.

Professor Philip G. Altbach and donated books

Philip G. Altbach, Research Professor and Founding Director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College, is a world-renowned expert in comparative higher education. As the former member of the International Advisory Committee of the Graduate School of Education, Professor Altbach has provided constructive advice and support to the school's talent training and academic research. He has donated 2270 English books, including an abundant number of classics in the field of education.

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