Center for Education Theory (CFET)
Center for Education Theory (CFET) is committed to the research on basic issues about education, conducting theoretical exploration into key educational themes such as its nature, purposes, history, institutions and practices, inquiring the fundamental laws and principles of education development, and developing basic norms and methods of educational activities. Meanwhile, it pays attention to the latest achievements in philosophy, sociology, psychology, cognitive science, learning science and other related disciplines, actively carries out interdisciplinary and cross-field exploration, closely follows the global movements in educational academia, and constantly promotes the innovation of education theories.

The center offers main courses including Principles of Education, Philosophy of Education and History of Education for postgraduates, to help them build a solid theoretical foundation, deepen their understanding and insight of education, and establish the aspiration of moral education. The center gradually adds a variety of elective courses to meet students' multiple needs, developing students' thinking ability and comprehensive qualities, and trains future research-oriented professionals.

The center connects theories with practices, participates actively in the educational practices of primary and secondary schools at home and abroad, carries out a variety of activities including theoretical exploration, educational seminars and teacher training, enhances the theoretical level and research ability of first-line teachers, builds an interactive platform for educational theories and teaching practices, and solves the key issues about education research, policy and practice, promoting the overall development of theoretical research, and helping deepen and expand China's educational reform.

Faculty and staff of the center:

LIU Xueliang, Lecturer and Deputy Director

GUAN Yuzhen, Associate Professor (tenured)

LI Chunying, Lecturer

Contact us:
Address: Room 235, Chan Suikau Hall, 800 Dong Chuan Rd, Shanghai, China
ZIP Code: 200240