Center for Educational Data and Evaluation (CEBE)

The Center for Education Big Data and Evaluation (CEBE) was founded based on the tradition of "high starting point, strong foundation, strict requirements, emphasis on practice and innovation" of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the strong interdisciplinary background of the School of Education. CEBE is committed to bring together fellows who are interested in educational and interdisciplinary research, aiming to explore how technology can reshape education theoretically and practically, thus to promote the integration of education and technology.


CEBE is committed to research topics including technology-enhanced learning, assessment, feedback and data sharing platform empowered by educational big data. CEBE adopts interdisciplinary research paradigm by integrating disciplines such as education, statistics, computer science, and psychology. The research outcomes set to facilitate the national digital transformation of education, establish a top-notch innovative training system, and advance the development of educational studies.


The center aims to carry out scientific research in online learning, online assessment and feedback, learning analysis, educational data mining, with priorities to construct a high-order ability testing platform and educational big data sharing platform. The center also takes responsibilities for developing interdisciplinary courses, training graduate students, and providing advisory report for educational decision makers. The mission is to use educational data to evaluate teaching strategies and optimize educational decision making.


To establish a nationally recognized online platform for testing higher-order competencies and a platform for sharing educational big data;

To create a globally renowned research institute for educational big data and evaluation;

To build an interdisciplinary system to train top innovative talents;

To optimize data governance in the domestic education environment,create a high-quality education measurement and evaluation strategy and an education decision support platform.

To construct a higher-order ability online testing platform and educational big data sharing platform;

To grow into a globally recognized research center for education big data and evaluation research;

To develop an interdisciplinary program for graduate student training;

To provide high-quality service for the public.

Faculty and staff of the center:

LU Chang, Lecturer and Deputy Director

WANG Shuai, Associate Professor

DAI Haimin, Assistant Professor

LI Tingxuan, Lecturer

MA Yue, Lecturer

Contact us:

Address: Room 245, Chan Suikau Hall, 800 Dong Chuan Rd, Shanghai, China

ZIP Code: 200240