Center for Future Education (CFE)

CFE is devoted to developing an exceptional future education innovation practice and research base.  It facilitates a new model of innovative talent training, pushes forward future talent training to shape future-oriented education.

As one of the most outstanding universities in China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is prestigious in the field of science and engineering, which is conducive to the formation of an interdisciplinary professional teacher team on the part of CFE from the fields of Educational Technology, Engineering Education, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Medical Science, etc. CFE works to promote interdisciplinary cooperation, the launch of featured programs, and facilitate the common development of teaching and research.

In the new era of artificial intelligence and big data, CFE brings inclusiveness and creativity into full play. It focuses on STEAM interdisciplinary curriculum design, future campus construction, active learning space, practical application of AI-integrated education, multimodal learning analysis to meet the practical needs of deepening education reform.

CFE will make every effort to make it a world-class future education research institution, and explore how to unleash the great potential of the integration of education and emerging technology. Furthermore, it aims to create future education ecology with a mixture of virtual and real support, covering the four levels of curriculum, pedagogy, environment, technology, and contribute to future education featuring intelligence, personalization, and fairness.

Faculty and staff of the center:

CHIANG Fengkuang, Professor and Director

CHEN Jiexiu, Assistant Professor

LIU Yan,  Assistant Professor

Contact us:
Address: Room 243, Chen Ruiqiu Bldg, 800 Dong Chuan Rd, Shanghai, China
ZIP Code: 200240