Center for Educational Leadership and Policy (CELP)

The Center for Educational Leadership and Policy (CELP) is committed to fulfill the values and social responsibility of education for our time. Aiming to create a world-class think tank for education and technology policies, we pay close attention to education reforms in China and beyond, science and technology polices, as well as national strategic needs. We explore modern education governance theories within the context of China. With globalization, diversification, informatization, and digital transformation posing enormous challenges for education leaders, teachers, researchers and other stake holders, CELP researchers conduct research in areas such as globalization and educational leadership, education policy and evaluation, organizational culture and reforms, the formation and development of learning organizations, school governance structure and teacher education.

Through collaborating with world-class researchers and research teams, we explore and expand the theory and practice of educational organization management from an interdisciplinary perspective. Our work uses both quantitative and qualitative research approaches, prioritizing a deep understanding of educational contexts, innovative use of data, rigorous analyses and policy evaluations. Taking advantage of the School of Education’s newly established model of teacher training program, we facilitate the curriculum design and improvement, as well as the evaluation of our teacher training program. The Center also partners with k-12 schools, higher education institutions, aiming to improve educational leadership and school management skills, providing real solutions to real problems.

Faculty and staff of the center:

ZHAO Wenhua, Professor and Director

KONG Ming, Associate Professor

LIU Huacong, Associate Professor and Deputy Director

XIONG Ziyin, Lecturer

Contact us:

Address: Room 239, Chen Ruiqiu Bldg, 800 Dong Chuan Rd, Shanghai, China

ZIP Code: 200240