Center for School Mental Health Research (CSMHR)

Center for School Mental Health Research (CSMHR) aims to conduct rigorous research and develop informed practices to improve students' mental health and psychological well-being. The ongoing projects include (a) explorations of the risk and protective factors of students' mental health problems, (b) comparisons of students' mental health conditions and school prevention and intervention practice across cultures, and (c) evaluations of the effectiveness of psychological interventions.

Along with research, CSMHR is leading two branding projects. One is to develop curricula and offer psychoeducation courses targeting students and teachers. The other one is to create an online platform for students to improve their mental health literacy and coping skills, and for teachers and school administrators to improve their professional skills to support students’ psychological well-being. In addition, CSMHR actively works with schools to optimize their psychological prevention and intervention system. Overall, CSMHR is committed to improving the public’s mental health literacy and interest in mental health promotion.

Faculty and staff of the center:

CHEN Lingjun, Assistant Professor and Deputy Director

TANG Xin, Associate Professor

ZHANG Xiaoqiao, Assistant Professor

LIU Huabing, Lecturer

Contact us:

Address: Room 227, Chan Suikau Hall, 800 Dong Chuan Rd, Shanghai, China

ZIP Code: 200240