Selected Conferences

International Conference on World-Class Universities (WCU)

This biennial event has been organized by the Center for World-Class Universities (CWCU) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 2005.

World-Class Universities (WCU), commonly known as global research universities or flagship universities, are of great significance to nations’ potentials of development in a knowledge-driven global economy and in seeking conceptual and practical solutions to daunting challenges. The development of WCUs is high on the policy agenda of various stakeholders across the globe in the past decades. The conference provides a platform for leading scholars, senior university administrators, and policy makers worldwide to discuss various issues related to WCU. After each conference, presentations are selected and published as a book to crystalize critical research questions and productive conversations, which inspires further discussions and examinations on these topics for the global community.

WCU-9, WCU-8, WCU-7, WCU-6, WCU-5, WCU-4, WCU-3, WCU-2, WCU-1

Shanghai Forum for Education Excellence (SFEE)

Shanghai Forum for Education Excellence (SFEE) is set to be one of the most important international academic conferences of SOE, SJTU. Excellent education has been proposed to better meet the need for innovative talents in the context of globalization and informatization. The theme of Shanghai Forum for Education Excellence 2022 (SFEE 2022) is “Futures of Education in the Post-Pandemic Era”, which tends to explore the ways of cultivating creative K12 teachers and students for the 21st Century.” Well-known scholars both at home and abroad will be invited to share their expertise on future campus construction, interdisciplinary curriculum design, future teacher development, future student development, emerging technologies, and instruction. Through this conference, we hope to explore the feasible methods, models, and paths of future education, boost excellent educational innovations, and enhance the mechanism of cultivating innovative talents. To advance local education towards excellence and propose new approaches to educational reforms, SFEE is devoted to developing an open, inclusive and resilient education, sharing a bright vision of future education featuring intelligence, personalization, and fairness.

SFEE 2022

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