CHIANG Fengkuang
  • Professor

  • Research Fields

    STEAM education, Innovation in instruction with information technology, learning space,

    Artificial Intelligence in Education, K12 engineering education

    Cross-disciplinary research (computer, medicine, design, psychology)

  • Courses

    Education for the Future

  • CHIANG Feng-Kuang is now a Vice Dean and professor of School of Education and the founding director of the Center for Future Education (CFE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), who specialises in the innovative use of technology for teaching and learning purposes.

    His research interests include STEAM education, learning space, ICT in innovative instruction, robotics in education, some cross-disciplinary topics, and the impact of technology in formal and informal learning environments (college classes, professional development, and K12 school classrooms etc.) and scalable interventions to broaden participation and reduce students’ achievement gaps.

    He received his Ph.D. degree in the Department of Industrial Technology Education (Majored in Educational Technology) from Kaohsiung Normal University in 2009. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Taiwan University in 2011.

    From 2011 to 2017 he worked as a lecturer/ associate professor at Beijing Normal University. Before joining SJTU, he spent five years as a Distinguished Professor at Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) and as a director of the Department of Educational Technology at SHNU from 2017 to 2022. He was a visiting scientist at MIT in 2019.

    He has published more than 110 academic papers, including about 50 SSCI/SCI journal papers. He specialises in learning innovation research partnerships with industry enterprises and the education sector (e.g. schools, universities, training, and education technology companies). He has delivered numerous keynote and invited speaker presentations on topics such as ICT in innovative instruction, STEM education, and Learning space research.

    He is also an active participant in international journals and serves on six journals' Editorial boards(British Journal of Educational Technology(SSCI/Q1), Computer Assisted Learning(SSCI/Q1), European Journal of Education(SSCI/Q2), STEM Education, LUMAT: Research and Practice in Math, Science and Technology Education, Future in Educational Research) and 38 international journal reviewer boards, including SSCI, SCI, and EI journals. His productivity and scholarship have been recognized by Elsevier, being nominated three years in a row for an “2021/2023 Highly Cited Chinese Researchers Award” , as well as several other national and institutional teaching awards.

    He is a passionate educator who leads the “Education for the future”, “STEAM Education”, and “Learning space research” subjects at SJTU. His teaching strongly emphasises the importance of adopting a research-driven approach in education.


    I am currently looking for some self-motivated students (Master or Ph.D) to work with me. Besides, we have 1-2 postdoc positions in my group. If you are interested in my research topics, please drop me an email with your CV.

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