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  • Research Fields:Collaborative learning; Classroom ecology; Academic motivation; Peer interactions and relationships
  • Courses

    Adolescent Learning & Development;

    Motivation in Learning & Teaching

  • Dr. Chen studies collaborative learning and classroom ecology, including small group discussions, friendship relationships, peer acceptance, and peer isolation. Aiming to promote learning and to facilitate development for students with diverse characteristics, Dr. Chen's research examines the processes and mechanisms through which students co-construct understandings during peer interactions and examines the roles of teachers in shaping the dynamic peer interactions via classroom management and teacher-student relationships. Dr. Chen received the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the American Educational Research Association (Division E: Human Development) and has been publishing papers in top-tier journals, such as Child Development, Contemporary Educational Psychology, Learning and Instruction, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Exceptional Children, and Scientific Studies of Reading. Dr. Chen has been a reviewer for multiple academic journals and conferences, and currently serves as an editorial board member for the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.
    Selected Publications:
    1. Chen, J., Lin, T.-J., Wilkinson, I., Ha, S. –Y., & Paul, N. (2023). Cognitive and social dialogue patterns during collaborative small group discussions. Learning and Instruction, 87, 101795.

    2. Chen, J., Lin, T. J., Anderman, L. H., Paul, N., & Ha, S. Y. (2021). The role of friendships in shy students’ dialogue patterns during small group discussions. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 67, 102021.

    3. Chen, J., Justice, L. M., Tambyraja, S., & Sawyer, B. (2020). Exploring the mechanism through which peer effects operate in preschool classrooms to influence language growth. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 53, 1-10.

    4. Chen, J., Justice, L., Rhoad-Drogalis, A., Lin, T. –J., & Sawyer, B. (2018). Social networks of children with developmental language disorder in inclusive preschool programs. Child Development, 91(2), 471-487.

    5. Chen, J., Lin, T. -J., Ku, Y. - M., Zhang, J., & O'Connell, A. (2018). Reader, word, and character characteristics contributing to Chinese children's concept of word. Scientific Studies of Reading, 22(3), 209-224.

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