Campus Life

Faculty and Students participated in the New Silk Road Summer School


The New Silk Road: Connecting students and universities from China and Europe Summer School was held at Utrecht University, Netherlands from August 19 to 23, 2019. Co-organized by Utrecht University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the summer school was aimed to explore how the Belt and Road Initiative of China affects cooperation between Chinese and European universities.

This summer school attracted academics and students from top universities around the world, including Cambridge University, Oxford University, Leuven University, Aarhus University, etc. Professor Liu Shaoxue

and Dr. Cen Yuhao were invited to the summer school, and three graduate students from our school attended.

Dr. Cen Yuhao and Lily Yang from Oxford University jointly hosted a workshop titled Views on modernity and the student experience: The development of the self and human agency in modern higher education. Dr. Jie Gao from Aarhus University and Tian Lin, a Ph.D. candidate, chaired the workshop Sino-European university partnerships, missions and strategies, and introduced their research on the contribution of world-class research universities to the Belt and Road. In addition, Zhang Xing and Li Qiushi, two current graduate students from our school presented their research during the summer school and received useful feedback from the experts and other participants. Their research dealt with faculty professional development and mentor's roles in Capstone Design Projects respectively.