Here Are What SOEers Say to Incoming Students


XU Yujun, Class of 2024, Postgrad of Master of Education:

Imagine that people from different majors and different backgrounds are sitting together, sharing their love for education, and learning new knowledge together! How fantastic is that! I study physics and education at the school as I want to become a physics teacher. But no matter what subject you’re digging into, be it physics or maths, English or Chinese, teachers and classmates I’ve met here are always there to help. Studying at SOE will definitely be a memorable time for you. Of course there must be trials and tribulations waiting for you to conquer. Don’t worry! We’re all in this together!

Xu Jiarui, Class of 2023, Postgrad of Master of Science in Education:

I quickly fell in love with SJTU and its academic environment. It is really easy to get sucked into the university coursework and stay within the bubble of SJTU, but I have found that I feel more connected to SOE and feel like my mind is able to step out of the stress that is often associated with courses. Because our teachers do care about us. Whenever I have a question, they can always guide me to find the answer and recommend me some relevant classics to read. I love them so much and in a university that has a strong emphasis on research, I feel like I've been able to be a part of some really meaningful projects here at SOE.

GONG Rui, Class of 2024, Postgrad of Master of Science in Education:

It is such a fulfilling experience to study at SOE. Every teacher I know is very nice, with strong academic knowledge and easy to communicate with. Courses here are so valuable that prepared me well for my career life. Resources introduced in the courses —such as SPSS and access to research tools —are essential to my current classes and work as a research assistant. Classes are small, so it isn’t hard to fully discuss my questions with teachers. Plus, the campus is brilliant. I can almost have everything I want on campus. To be honest, it doesn’t feel like a campus, but a small town, which is quite rare in China!

FANG Yajun, Class of 2024, Postgrad of Master in Education:

Studying here feel like being in a small family. Teachers and students are my families and my friends. Regardless of what majors students come from, they’ve always got my back! As an incoming high-school teacher, I learned that students should not only know the content of the course, but also the significance of why they are taking the course and why the rules are made the way they are. Here at SOE, students are able to drop their pride and demonstrate a desire to learn, so much so that the course become not a matter of passing or failing, but a matter of gaining as much as possible. There might be some ups and downs, but since everyone here is purpose-driven, focused and willing to share, we’ll be able to grasp how to navigate the complexities of life. New SOEers, I’m waiting for you to come!

Written by CHEN Ruoxi

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi and MU Congjing