Upcoming Event | The 2022 Young Scholars International Forum on Education


I. Introduction

Established in 2020, the School of Education (SOE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a young academic institution with a long history. SOE is committed to the highest academic standards and professional integrity. As we lay new initiatives for the future, our mission is to generate, study, and teach strategies, practices, and tools for addressing educational problems and preparing the current and the next generation of educators, policy-makers, and researchers.

Hosted by SOE, the SJTU International Young Scholars Forum on Education is designed for outstanding young scholars around the world. It is our hope that, through key lectures, seminars and talent exchanges, a platform of communication will be established for worldwide young scholars with excellent academic background in the education field. Furthermore, it is our anticipation that young scholars will be motivated to achieve their aspirations here and boost the development of SOE.

II. Recruitment Form

Applicants should be under 40 in general, with a doctoral degree or with post-doctoral research experience, or with well-established academic accomplishments or great potentials in educational research in worldwide universities or institutions.

III. Academic Themes

The academic themes (though not exclusive) are:

Curriculum and Instruction (teaching experience in math, physics, chemistry and interdisciplinary curricula in high school will be a plus);School Psychology and Counseling Psychology; Education Theory; and Future Education.

IV. Application

Please prepare CV, personal statement, three representative academic papers and three recommendation letters and send them to before November 30, 2022.

Short-listed participants will receive an official invitation letter issued by the Forum Committee in Early December 2022 via email. Please check your emailbox in due time.

V. Schedule

2022 International Young Scholars Forum on Education is the sub-forum of SJTU International Young Scholars Forum. In accordance with the current epidemic prevention and control situations, the forum will be organized online.

VI. Contact Us

Contact: Ms. Chen


Phone: +86-21-34204458

Written and Edited by CHEN Ruoxi