The International Young Scholars Forum on Education Was Successfully Held


On the afternoon of December 17, the International Young Scholars Forum on Education host by the School of Education (SOE) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was held online, and young talents from first-class universities at home and abroad gathered to have heated discussions on topics such as teacher teaching, virtual teaching environment, and postgraduate education. WANG Linyuan, Secretary of the CPC Committee of SOE and Director of the Basic Education Office of SJTU, and LIU Niancai, Dean and Distinguished Professor of SOE, attended the forum. The forum was chaired by FENG Zhuolin, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of SOE.

WANG first briefly introduced SOE, including its history, founding philosophy, development and blueprint for the future. She said that since its establishment, SOE has always shouldered the responsibility of cultivating future-oriented teachers, education administrators and educational researchers, and actively explored new ways for comprehensive universities to cultivate teacher education. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that education, science and technology, and talents are the basic strategic support for the comprehensive construction of a modern China, and SOE is eager to build a high-level teaching team to cultivate high-quality teachers, hoping that more young talents can join us.

Six young scholars reported their research work. Focusing on curriculum and teaching, education basic theory, educational leadership and policy, and future education, the participating scholars presented their current scientific research achievements and future research plans in a detailed manner. Also, they were there to exchange ideas and share examples of their academic research with faculty members and students from SJTU as well as other higher education institutions. One student said it was an eye-opening experience and the forum was inclusive of all attendees' voices.

Finally, Professor LIU, Dean of SOE, made a summary of this forum. First of all, he congratulated the International Young Scholars Forum on Education on its complete success. Despite the impact of the epidemic, the online forum has greatly facilitated the exchange of young scholars at home and abroad, and the reports from the 6 young scholars are very inspiring. Faculty members and students have also actively participated in the forum, which has made it very interactive. At the same time, he also thanked the work team for their hard work, and hoped to meet more young scholars offline in the future for more in-depth discussions and exchanges.

The International Young Scholars Forum on Education aims to build a platform for outstanding young scholars to toot their own academic horn, hoping they can gather together to discuss hot issues in the field of education. The online forum enables us to break the limit of space, allows wisdom and ideas to exchange here, and we hope this forum will attract more education changemakers with lofty ideals to join us on the journey of building a world-class education school.

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi