2022 in Review: Hybrid Seminar of the Advisory Committee of SOE


On November 24, the hybrid seminar of the Advisory Committee of SOE for 2022 was held in the  Minhang Campus on the occasion of SOEs second anniversary. With the theme of "Focus on High Quality, Education for the Future", the meeting recap SOEs progress in the past two years since and sketch out plans for the future.

Following education scholars and practitioners attended the event, which includes Professor ZHONG Binglin, former President of Beijing Normal University, former President of Chinese Society of Education and former Chair of Advisory Committee of SOE; Professor FANG Yu, President of Shaanxi Normal University; Dr. REN Youqun, Director of the Department of Teachers Work of the Ministry of Education, Mr. WANG Ping, Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, YANG Zhenbin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SJTU; JIANG Sixian, former Secretary of the Party Committee of SJTU and Director of the Advisory Committee of SOE, Professor DING Kuiling, Executive Vice President of SJTU and Honorary Dean of SOE; ZHANG Ansheng, Vice President of SJTU; Professor WU Jingyi, Vice Provost of SJTU, as well as leaders of the Education Bureau of Pudong New Area and Huangpu District, presidents of famous high schools, leaders from School of Education, School of Humanities, School of Mathematical Sciences, Admissions Office and SJTU teachers and students of SJTU also participated attended the event.


In his speech, DING congratulated SOEs initial success in the past two years, and expressed his gratitude to the support from established partnership. He expected that the members of advisory committee would help the SOE grasp opportunities with cracking new problems and innovate institutional mechanisms with a broader vision, higher standards and stronger initiatives, so as to explore new pathways of teacher education in comprehensive universities.

REN Youqun said in his video message that developing teacher education in a high-level comprehensive university is an important initiative to promote the quality of teacher training, which is a vision and long-term goal of SOE. SOEs exploration in this field has made promising achievements.

LIU Niancai, Dean of SOE, reviewed SOEs e development and put forward innovative initiatives of the schools future.


WU Jingyi delivered speech about how to better bridge higher and secondary education and better undergraduate recruitment and training. Other experts and scholars presented conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on teacher education, SOEs growth, education personnel training and so on.


Students and faculty, HUO Tianyou and XU Jing, Dr. ZHU Jiani, Dr. ZHANG Li and Dr. Hu Jie, shared their unique experiences and thoughts during the conference.


On behalf of the school, Secertary YANG Zhenbin and Former Secretary JIANG Sixian thanked Shanghai High School, High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, High School Affiliated to Fudan University and Shanghai Experimental School for their strong support while overcoming the difficulties caused by the pandemic.


Cooperation agreements were signed between SOE and Jian Ping High School, Jincai High School, Shanghai Kong Jiang Senior High School, Yan'an Middle School, Shanghai Fengxian High School and Songjiang Second Middle School. These partners will support collaboration by engaging SOE students as interns.


At the final session, YANG Zhenbin said both education scholars and practitioners must have a strong sense that "education is the first base", and inspire more talents to join teacher education.


WANG Ping appreciated SJTUs efforts to support SOE, and the latter should firmly position itself to train outstanding teachers taking advantage of high-level faculty and disciplines to build a world-class education school and train more high-level talents.

Written and Edited by CHEN Ruoxi