2022 in Review: Achievements in Student Cultivation (2)


Creating Brand New "3+3" Teacher Training Model

SOE has established a new mechanism for teacher training, with concerted efforts of other SJTU schools and top high schools in the Yangtze River Delta. The "3+3" teacher training model refers to 3 different types of education training entities and a team of 3 instructors for each of our students. The first "3" is "SOE + other SJTU schools focusing on high school subjects + SOE's high school partners" and the other means "one pedagogy instructor, one subject instructor, and one practice tutor".

New Undergraduate Program in Education

With the goal of "making every student better", SOE offers the undergraduate minor for SJTU students who are interested in education, providing a broad-based and focused study in education research and practice. The first-year enrollment period is over and the program is expected to begin in spring 2023.

New Ph.D. Degree Program in Education

Relying on SJTU disciplinary advantages, SOE has been exploring the new teacher training program with SJTU’s distinctive traits, and four features were formed:the "3+3" teacher training model, new curriculum for undergraduates and postgraduates, integration of university-wide resources for designing quality courses, and a one-year systematic internship. In July 2022, SOE was conferred the right of a new Ph.D. degree program.