SOE's First Young Faculty Seminar in the New Semester


On February 9, SOE held a seminar for young faculty members to discuss how to better school in the new semester. Dr. WANG Linyuan, Secretary of SOE School Committee; Chen Peng, Deputy Secretary of SOE School Committee and 18 faculty members attended this seminar.

During the seminar, young faculty put forward their ideas on teacher training, scientific research and shared their concerns in work and life. Some teachers stressed the need to communicate more among research centers, and explore more ways in terms of peer-to-peer student consultation. About scientific research, some believed more interdisciplinary research should be conducted among academic teams. For administrative management, some hope to understand more of the policies and procedures related to teaching, scientific research and personnel in advance.

Dr. WANG Linyuan thanked faculty members sharing. She agreed the importance of teamwork and communication in all aspects and suggested more effective work shall be done in the future to better serve the needs of school development and faculty growth. CHEN Peng also hopes to listen more from the faculty so as to better solve more practical problems and progress with the school.

Written and Edited by CHEN Ruoxi