SOE’s First Student Seminar in the New Semester


On February 15, SOE held the first student seminar for the new semester. The meeting was hosted by CHEN Peng, Deputy Secretary of SOE School Committee. Part of doctoral and master students, and staff from the Office of Academic Affairs attended the seminar.

CHEN firstly expressed a warm welcome to students coming back from winter break. She pointed out that SOE always gives very high priority to students' cultivation and is dedicated to help ease studentspressures whatever the cause is. She is always ready to listen actively to what everyone thinks, be it sincere compliments or uncomfortable truths. Thus, together with management teams, SOE leadership will generate substantive ideas and put them into action so as to further develop SOE, so as to provide a basis for making good decisions on student work.
Students and staff responded actively to CHEN’s words. Some students talked about their study plans after reviewing their New Year resolutions and raised their concerns about future job hunting and internship. The admin teams then gave some suggestions from the bottom of their heart, hoping to ease students burden, both physically and mentally.

Finally, CHEN thanked students for being sincere in their sharing. SOE leadership will contribute actively to build the institutional framework and develop hybrid solutions relevant to problems that have been put forward. She hoped students will always be honest to how they feel and SOE is ready to let their voices be heard.