A Special Birthday Party


On February 17, while the leaves of the trees outside the window were light green and the sunlight was perfect, songs were played in the Room 126 of Chen Ruiqiu Building. There, M.Ed students from Class 2023-1 held a special birthday party.


The birthday party was a collective one, where students who missed their birthday parties celebrated this party together and received gifts from other classes. Naturally, the students major in math education took on the important task of sharing the cake equally.


While eating the sweet cake, the ears could not be left idle. The microphone came in handy, and the students played their favorite songs live ... Class instructor, Dr. GUO Wenjuan also sang a song. These smiling faces at that moment was recorded.


Following the party was the award ceremony of the 2nd Students’ Study Plans competition. GUO presented certificates and prizes to the winners and took pictures with them. The students who walked to the podium were all "teachers-to-be". Their study plans brought a lot of inspiration to other students in teaching design.


On the agenda, the next was a small seminar between faculty and students. GUO first shared her career as a teacher which is very inspirational to all students. GUO has always been a big sister in the eyes of these students as they can truly feel her love and care for them.


Here are what students wrote after the event:


Each of us is a star.


Together we become the milky way


And we are the stars that shine the brightest light in the world.

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi