Hand in Hand, Bring High Quality Education for All Children in China


Education is a lifetime for children in underdeveloped areas. With a broad vision and caring for the public welfare, SOE collaborated with the People's Government of Eryuan County in Yunan province to set up "Ziwu Lianxin" educational assistance program in the First Middle School of Eryuan County. So far, the program has been carried out for 2 years with more in-depth cooperation going on.

The name of the educational support program “Ziwu Lianxin”, takes its name from “Ziwu Lian” (literally translated as water lilies), also known as "Zibi Lotus", a flower unique to Lake Zibi in Eryuan County. Be pure and devoted, which is its flower language. Thus, the program name symbolizes that SOE and the local government are working together to improve the quality of education for disadvantaged groups and revitalize rural areas in China.

Ziwu Lian

In the program, students from SOE voluntarily work as instructors to teach middle school students in Eryuan. So far, a total of 91 master students from SOE have participated in this activity, and many of the beneficiaries say they have acquire more effective learning methods and more relevant knowledge and skills needed for further study or employment.

Thank-you notes from students of First Middle School in Eryuan County

SOE will further carry out more outreach programs for national revitalization and a global common good, including increasing the supply of qualified volunteer teachers through cooperation for teacher training in developing areas, especially least developed areas.

Written and Edited by CHEN Ruoxi