Experts Gather to Discuss Career Development for Young Faculty Members at CWCU


On March 10, the Center for World-Class Universities (CWCU) held an expert consultation meeting to discuss academic career development for young faculty members in 2023. The panel of consulting experts featured CHENG Lingzhi, a full-time researcher of CPC Shanghai Education and Health Working Committee, LI Mei, a research fellow of East China Normal University, and Professor LIU Shuhua of Zhejiang University.

During the meeting, Professor LIU Niancai, Dean of the School of Education (SOE) and Director of the CWCU, expressed gratitude to the experts for their attendance and introduced other team members at the center, including Professor LIU Li, Deputy Director of the CWCU; Professor FENG Zhuolin, Assistant Dean of the SOE; Associate Professor YANG Xi, and Associate Professor CHEN Liyuan.

The meeting agenda covered several key topics, including the establishment of the SOE, the development of CWCU, and the think tank construction. Professor LIU Niancai provided an overview of the SOEs inception and the purpose of the consultation meeting, while Professor LIU Li detailed the development of CWCU. Professor FENG Zhuolin gave a special report on the think tank construction, focusing on five critical aspects. Associate Professor YANG Xi shared her plans for teaching and talent cultivation, academic research, and service to society, as well as her academic achievements in economic contribution and scientific research innovation at top universities. Meanwhile, Associate Professor CHEN Liyuan reported and discussed future research directions based on her education and teaching experience.

During the meeting, the experts advised and encouraged the young faculty members to explore real-world issues from various perspectives and dimensions. They also discussed the roadmap of the center, including potential future research directions.

In general, the experts praised the development of CWCU and emphasized the significance of advancing the research of world-class universities to bolster the growing influence of the International Conference on World-Class Universities. Furthermore, they stressed the need for the think tank to capitalize on SJTU's strengths to maximize its impact and contribute to building one of the best education systems in the world.

Translated and Edited by CHEN Ruoxi