SOE Held Graduation Ceremony of Class 2023


On the morning of March 24, the graduation ceremony of Class 2023 was held in Minhang Campus. Leadership team of SOE, graduate supervisors, graduates and parent representatives attended the ceremony to witness the unforgettable moment in the life of the graduating students of the School of Education. The graduation ceremony was presided over by CHEN Peng, Deputy Secretary of CPC School of Education Committee.

Professor LIU Niancai, Dean of SOE, read out the name list of graduates. He addressed in his speech that for more than two years in the past, students have grown together with SOE, the very new school and all faculty and staff have witnessed graduatesgrowth and progress! He encouraged students to hold on to their ideals and dare to pursue their dreams in the future. What he sincerely hoped was that the students would come back and visit SOE often, and looked forward to their making greater contributions to building of a world-class education school as alumni.

With the joyful music and the attention from their beloved parents and teachers, here came the most exciting moment for graduates. Students were conferred their degrees by their supervisors. Faculty members then took a group photo with graduates and congratulate them on successfully completing their studies.

Next, Dr. WANG Linyuan and Professor Liu Niancai awarded students with prizes for being outstanding while they had been studying at SJTU.

On this memorable occasion, graduates also recalled their time on campus. Some mentioned various difficulties and challenges such as writing thesis, job hunting and employment and thanked SOE for being their strongest support. Some expressed their gratitude and said the last 2.5 years will be one of the most unforgettable experiences in their life.

WANG Linyuan, Secretary of CPC School of Education Committee, congratulated to the graduates on their achievement, and thanked parents for their hard work. She hoped that all students could engrave SJTUs motto in mind, responsibility and loveand step into society with vigorous attitude. She hoped all could take care of their families, develop the habit of lifelong learning, and be brave and inclusive in the future. Finally, as all the graduates are about to go to different places, she wished them a bright future and a promising future.

SOE shout out to the Class 2023! You have worked hard to get to this point in your life and SOE is honored to have been part of your journey. We hope to see you again in the future!

Bon voyage, Class 2023!

Translated and Edited by CHEN Ruoxi