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Teachers from Top High School in Shanghai Visit SOE for Career Navigation


March 5, 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of celebrating LEI Feng, one of the most enduring figures in modern Chinese culture. Shanghai Qibao High School and the School of Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly held a "Career Navigation" event in the afternoon of March 3.

During the event, teachers of Shanghai Qibao High School shared their teaching experience.

Ms. JIN Yalun shared her valuable experience with the title "English teacher professionalism enhancement".

Mr. ZHANG Zongwei, a master graduate of Class 2020 from SOE, shared his preparation of joining Shanghai Qibao High Schoolfrom four aspects: early preparation, teacher recruitment, the process of joining the school and internship experience, and provided valuable advice for students in their future job search.

Mr. LV Xuequan shared his career journey with the title "My opinion on teaching math concept class".

Mr. LI Jiawei shared his experience in teaching the Olympiad for high school students and offered a series of teaching suggestions.

From the perspective of language teaching, Ms. XU Mengyao mentioned the diverse roles of language teachers and shared a series of study materials and teaching methods.

Ms. ZHU Lei talked about the wide range of language subjects in high school, the disconnect between textbooks and exams, and the low status of language subjects, and shared the ways to deal with them.

Ms. CHEN Xin shared several biology teaching experiences, shoulder social responsibility to strengthen the body and serve the society.

Mr. ZHANG Yao vividly told the story of his career development and shared his understanding "what is chemistry".

After the sharing of the teacher representatives, JU Ruili and CHEN Peng, deputy secretaries of both sides made their concluding speeches.

JU, from Shanghai Qibao High School, suggested that high school teachers should have interdisciplinary knowledge, good psychological quality, strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills, and clear career development planning, and fully affirmed the significance of this activity.

CHEN, encouraged SOEers to take a good position of themselves, plan their careers early , explore their potential and enhance their core competitiveness.

At last, teachers and students were divided into groups to have small seminars: Chinese, mathematics, English, biology and chemistry.

This career navigation activity provides students with an opportunity to get in close contact with outstanding high school teachers, which is conducive to helping students find the direction of career development and improve their career planning abilities. We hope students will learn from the experience, find the right direction, plan ahead and work hard!