SOE Celebrating SJTU’s 127th Anniversary


On April 8, Shanghai Jiao Tong University celebrated its 127th birthday. To celebrate this big day, more than 30 SOE alumni returned to their alma mater from all over the world.

Cheng Ying, an SOE alumnus, was awarded a prize for his great achievements at the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award.

At the same time, the 16th graduation anniversary of alumni of class 2007 was held in Chen Ruiqiu Building. CHEN Peng, deputy secretary of SOE party committee, Prof. LIU Shaoxue, Prof. LIU Li, ZHOU Lingzhen (former director of the General Office), Gao Yan, director of the Generak Office, Wu Yan, director of the Office of Research Adminstration, and other faculty members gathered with the alumni to have a heart-to-heart talk.After that, the alumni of B0435091 class donated an LCD screen to the school. CHEN Peng expressed her thanks to the alumni on behalf of the school and hoped that they would continue to support the development of the school as always.

The alumni of the 2008 master returned to school in the afternoon to celebrate their anniversary. The class meeting was hosted by class director Sun Chuanchun, and the alumni recalled the past and talked about the future from old photos, and felt proud and honored for the rapid development and changes of the school.

SOE is always the sweet home of our alumni. We are always waiting for you to come back home !