SOE held a welcome meeting for Professor Xu Binyan


On May 4, 2023, the School of Education held a welcoming ceremony for Professor Xu Binyan.

Prof. LIU Niancai, Dean of SOE, expressed his warm welcome to Prof. XU's joining of the school and briefed about SOE in terms of talent cultivation and faculty. He then introduced Prof. XU to all the people presented at the meeting. Prof. XU, as a domestic expert in mathematics education, has been committed to promoting the internationalization and professional development of Chinese mathematics education, and her joining will play an important role in the cultivation of master of education and the construction of teaching platforms at the School.

Prof. XU firstly thanked SJTU and SOE for showing great warmth to her. Then, she expressed her confidence in developing teacher education at a comprehensive university, as well as her thoughts and plans on the construction of mathematics discipline curriculum, how to better utilize the advantages and characteristics of SJTU in teacher education training. She was looking forward to work together with colleagues to make contribution.

Finally, Dr. WANG Linyuan welcomed Prof. XU Binyan to join the school. She believed Prof. XU will take a great lead in the further development of the Center for Curriculum and Teaching Research, and expected new breakthroughs in the construction of the school's mathematics courses.

XU Binyan holds a Ph.D. in natural sciences from the University of Osnabrueck in Germany. She is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor. Formerly she served as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Committee on Mathematical Instruction; member of the Working Committee of Women Mathematicians of the Chinese Mathematical Society; co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME14). She has been awarded the title of Outstanding Young Teacher in Shanghai Universities, the Outstanding Returned Youth Fund of the Ministry of Education, and the Humboldt Research Fellow in Germany. In 2006, she was selected for the Shanghai Pujiang Talent Plan and in 2007, she was selected for the "New Century Excellent Talent Support Plan" by the Ministry of Education in China.