SOE Held Nature Human Behaviour Seminar


On May 9, 2023, Dr. Samantha Antusch, Associate Editor of Nature Human Behaviour (Impact Factor 24.25, hereinafter referred to as NHB), the flagship social science journal of Nature, was invited by Associate Professor Xin Tang of the School of Education to give an online seminar entitled "NHB Submission Advice and Article Publication". The seminar was co-hosted by SOE and Antai School of Economics and Management, and was chaired by Associate Professor TANG Xin. The event attracted about 120 faculty members and students from inside and outside the campus to participate online, and the atmosphere of the conference site exchange was warm.


NHB is a top international journal in social sciences and is well known in the world academic community. The purpose of this conference is to promote communication and cooperation, and to provide a platform for students and faculty to publish their academic results in the world's top journals. The conference was divided into three sessions: a presentation by Dr. Samantha Antusch on NHB submission advice and article publication, a guest talk and exchange discussion, and research sharing and editorial advice by SJTU faculty and students. In the lecture session, Dr. Samantha Antusch gave a detailed introduction to the basic information of NHB journal, from the development of NHB journal, the purpose of the journal, the positioning of the journal, the types of accepted articles, the requirements of journal selection, the process of manuscript processing, and the considerations of manuscript submission, and provided useful suggestions from the reviewer's perspective.


In the discussion session, Prof. LU Lin and Dr. Samantha Antusch had a lively discussion on the selection of journals for manuscript submission, the balance between different opinions of editors and reviewers, and the views on AI software, According to Dr. Samantha Antusch, innovative research is not only about exploring innovative questions, but also about using new perspectives, tools, and evidence to explore long-standing concerns. During the research process, new technologies such as AI can be used wisely to enhance the research, rather than replace the researcher's thinking. When submitting pre-registration, pre-studies are recommended to demonstrate the feasibility of the research, and the NHB will also initiate measures to prevent the preferred disclosure of research results (scooping protection) to protect originality. When selecting a journal, the most appropriate journal should be chosen based on the research audience and the size of the evidence. As an editor, a fair and unbiased review of all research will always be maintained.


In the last session of the lecture, four young faculty members and PhD researchers from the School of Education and Antai School of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University shared their research areas with Dr. Samantha Antusch, who patiently gave her personal advice and suggestions for each study and expressed her enthusiastic The lecture lasted 2 hours.


The lecture lasted for 2 hours, and the content of the lecture is an important guidance and reference for the participating students and faculty to improve the hit rate of publishing in high level journals. The conference was successfully concluded with a "cloud of applause"!