SOE Students Deliver Academic Presentations at 14th Asian Adult Education (AAE) Pre-Conference Program


SOEs Doctoral students ZENG Jianxiong, ZHAO Liwen, XU Weiqin, and LIU Junnan, and master student, LUO Peijun, presented their research findings at the 14th Asian Adult Education (AAE) Pre-Conference Program on May 31, 2023. The conference, hosted by the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE), focused on the theme “Bridging the East-West-North-South Divide: Leveraging Collaboration and Communication for Adult and Continuing Education Research, Practice, and Future Development”, in conjunction with the 2023 Adult Education Research Conference.

Covering diverse aspects of higher education, the five students presented their studies addressing pertinent issues. ZENG Jianxiong conducted semi-structured interviews with doctoral students and combined them with the theory of planned behavior to investigate the types, causes, and solutions of supervisors' behavior of not supervising while supervising.

ZHAO Liwen explored the formation mechanisms and reasons for the alienation between supervisors and doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences through interviews.

XU Weiqin surveyed STEM master students at a research university in China to study the impact of faculty support on the persistence of STEM graduate students.

LIU Junnan collected and analyzed qualitative data to construct a systematic model of ideological education in university STEM courses based on the taxonomy of educational goals. 

Through case studies, LUO Peijun explored the formation mechanism of school belonging of Chinese-foreign cooperative school students.

During the review session, the students received commendations and valuable suggestions from the esteemed experts in attendance. The experts recognized the significance of their research in both academic and practical domains and encouraged collaboration among peers for in-depth exploration. The students expressed gratitude for the platform provided by the conference, fostering knowledge exchange and facilitating cross-cultural discussions in the field of educational research and practice. They expressed their enthusiasm for future participation in more international academic conferences and exchanges. They aspire to contribute further to the global academic community by sharing their research insights and promoting the voices of Chinese scholars on the international stage.

Written by LIU Junnan, LUO Peijun

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi