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SOE Doctoral Student ZENG Jianxiong Co-founded the Toronto University Chinese Education Forum


PhD candidate ZENG Jianxiong from School of Education, as one of the co-founders, dedicated a significant amount of time, along with collaborators, to prepare for the "First Sub-forum on Higher Education for Young Scholars at the Toronto University Chinese Education Forum." On the morning of June 4, the online event of the Toronto University Chinese Education Forum was successfully held. The symposium featured presentations from young talents in the global higher education discipline. Distinguished international professors Ruth Hayhoe, Dr. TIAN Lin , and  Dr. ZHANG Xiaqiao were invited as reviewers and moderators, engaging in discussions on the reform of higher education in China, aiming to promote the high-quality development of Chinese higher education.

At the beginning of the symposium, Dr. ZHANG Xiaqiao from SOE introduced the expert attendees and speakers, delivering a keynote speech focused on the practice and exploration of teacher education in comprehensive research universities. The speech set the foundation for the subsequent discussions by closely aligning with the theme of "Research on Reforming Chinese Higher Education and Talent Cultivation." Under different subtopics, young scholars from various universities around the world presented their research findings. During the interactive sessions, presenters engaged in mutual assessment and received guidance and feedback from experts, sparking in-depth discussions and exchanges among the participants.

The current sub-forum on Higher Education for Young Scholars at the Toronto University Chinese Education Forum not only provided a high-level academic platform for graduate students in educational research from universities worldwide but also offered an opportunity for young scholars to showcase themselves and collectively progress. All attendees expressed profound appreciation for the valuable insights gained from the event.


Wriiten by ZENG Jianxiong

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi