SOE Faculty Member Lectured at the TeamWork Online Internship Program


The TeamWork online internship program provides students with the opportunity to work in teams, enhance their creative and entrepreneurial skills, and explore career options. Each team of six to eight students works across schools to solve real-world challenges and cutting-edge problems facing businesses. After the preliminary recruitment and selection process, 278 students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Warwick University, Cornell University, University of Toronto, University of Hong Kong and Indian Institute of Technology successfully joined the program, and corporate mentors from 42 organizations, including EMQ, Intel and Deloitte, served as team mentors. This year, TeamWork internship program was officially opened on June 26. Let's review the exciting moments of the preliminary activities together!

On May 10, Dr. ZHANG Xiaoqiao, from the School of Education, conducted a training on intercultural communication for SJTU students. ZHANG talked about what is cross-cultural adaptability, how to deal with conflicts that may occur in cross-cultural cooperation such as schedule conflicts, team conflicts, contribution imbalance, as well as challenges that may be encountered in cross-cultural communication such as non-native language anxiety and different communication styles, and shared the principles of foreign etiquette with her own experience.

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi