The International Young Scholars Forum on Education Sparkles with Young Scholars' Passion for Academic Excellence


On June 17, the SJTU International Young Scholars Forum on Education (Spring 2023) commenced, attracting young talents from prestigious universities worldwide to engage in vibrant discussions both in person and online. The forum covered diverse topics, including future education research, curriculum and teaching research, and world-class university research. WANG Linyuan, Secretary of CPC SOE Committee  attended the event, which was skillfully presided over by Prof. XU Binyan, Director of the Center for Curriculum and Teaching Research, and Prof. FENG Zhuolin , Assistant Dean of the School of Education.

During the gathering, WANG Linyuan presented an overview of the School of Education, encompassing its history, founding principles, present development, and future plans. She emphasized the institution's dedication to nurturing exceptional teachers, education administrators, and researchers with a future-oriented approach. Additionally, she highlighted the SOE's commitment to seeking innovative ways to organize teacher education within comprehensive universities. Looking ahead, the School of Education aspires to "build foundations with foundations" and "nurture the best with the best," inviting young talents to join their ranks and contribute to the construction of a world-class educational institution, further strengthening China's standing in education.


The heart of the forum lay in the presentations of nine young scholars, who passionately shared their research work and achievements in intricate detail. The event provided a valuable opportunity for scholars, both on-site and remote, to interact, exchange ideas, and spark academic inspiration. The atmosphere was warm and lively, fostering meaningful exchanges and discussions that broadened academic horizons and left a lasting impact on all participants.


The International Young Scholars Forum on Education, organized by the School of Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, seeks to establish a top-notch academic exchange platform for outstanding young scholars in the education field from around the world. Its primary focus is on building a "world-class school of education" by exploring academic frontiers, delving into discipline hotspots, and promoting interdisciplinary intersections and academic innovation through engaging reports and discussions. Furthermore, the forum aims to deepen young scholars' understanding of the School of Education. Anticipating further success, the second half of 2023 will witness the fall edition of the International Young Scholars Forum, where the SOE will continue inviting exceptional talents to share their accomplishments, fostering more extensive exchanges and collaboration with young scholars everywhere.