From Mountains to Minds: An Inspiring Speech from a Healthcare Hero in China


On the afternoon of July 17, LI Guike, recipient of the May 1st Labor Medal, and honorary director of the Disease Prevention and Control Center in Er Yuan County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, visited the "Zi Wu Lian Xin" Summer School organized by SOE, SJTU. He delivered a speech titled "Embracing the New Era, Striving for New Journey, and Creating New Brilliance" to all teachers and students of the summer school and Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School, discussing their responsibilities and mission and reminiscing about their initial commitment to joining the Party. The event was presided over by CHEN Peng, the Deputy Secretary CPC SOE Committee.


"I came from Class 88 of Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School. Returning to my alma mater, I feel incredibly familiar and warm," LI said with a smile as he looked at the youthful faces in the audience. He shared his story of leaving the source of Erhai Lake and returning to the deep valleys of the mountains with a peaceful tone.


With exceptional medical skills, LI treated leprosy patients, while contributing to the continuous development of rural areas by providing water, repairing roads, and building bridges, embracing his responsibilities and mission. For over forty years, he has remained devoted to Shanshiping Village, assisting in poverty alleviation and writing a story of great love. "As long as I can move, I will stick to Shanshiping Village and turn it into a prosperous village," LI passionately expressed, deeply touching the members of the summer school's practice group and the students of Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School.


"As an ordinary, being able to participate in this historic grand event fills me with the utmost honor," LI shared his insights. He deeply felt the remarkable achievements in leprosy prevention and control in China. He pledged to continue dedicating himself to the construction of a healthy China with the determination of a "small screw." LI also encouraged the teachers and students to reflect on how to better help students develop morals, wisdom, physical fitness, appreciate beauty, and value labor should be integrated into their actions.


LI's report received enthusiastic responses from the teachers and students at the event. During the Q&A session, the students eagerly asked questions related to the most memorable experiences during his medical career, changes and developments in rural areas, and the choices and motivations for staying rooted in the countryside for over 40 years. LI answered each question with sincerity. He considered transforming "Leprosy Village" into a "Happy Village" as the most unforgettable experience in his life and the driving force behind his continued dedication to serving the people. He believed that the rural areas provides fertile ground for gaining knowledge and skills. Therefore, he encouraged SOE students to immerse themselves in the fields and understand the realities of people's lives, so that they could effectively integrate their professional learning with social practices and better shoulder the responsibilities of the youth in this era.


Following the exchange, student representatives from SOE "Zi Wu Lian Xin" Summer School and Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School presented flower bouquets and garlands to LI Ailing, a music teacher at Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School. He then expressed his heartfelt thanks to the students and teachers of SJTU and his nostalgia for his alma mater. He looked forward to further cooperation between the two schools in nurturing outstanding individuals.


LI's report deeply inspired SOE students. WANG Yuyang, a master student majoring in Biology, stated that LI's advanced deeds serve as a guiding light for young teachers like them, motivating them to fully embody the advanced nature and pioneering role of Party member teachers in their educational practices. YANG Jingqi, a master student majoring in Chemistry and also a chemistry teacher, was equally moved. He aspired to be sincere and honest, carry out benevolent deeds, and contribute to the construction of a strong nation through his work as an educator.

Translated and Edited by CHEN Ruoxi