Love's Journey: SOE Summer School Begins


On the early morning of July 12, 2023, at 5 o'clock, the "Zi Wu Lian Xin" Summer School from SOE set off from Shanghai, greeted by the first rays of sunlight. They successfully reached Er Yuan at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The practice group consists of 13 students and 11 teachers from the School of Education, led by Deputy Secretary of CPC SOE Committee CHEN Peng.


During the journey, after a simple lunch, SOE team arrived at the newly completed Er Yuan. They dropped off their luggage and headed to the local market and supermarket to buy daily necessities. The sight of the surrounding mountains and the lush green rice fields nearby filled everyone with excitement and anticipation for the days ahead in Er Yuan.


Although the newly completed SJTU Er Yuan Base was still undergoing final construction, the students took up brooms, mops, and cloths to clean the activity area and organize the teaching tools and experimental equipment that had been sent ahead. Working together with coordination, they prepared the venue for the upcoming days.


After dinner, SOE team held their first work meeting since arriving in Er Yuan. CHEN briefly summarized the first day. She hoped everyone could show courtesy and respect for local customs, and strictly discipline themselves. She encouraged faculty members and students to stay enthusiastic and determined and actively solve problems. The team were to approach the students of Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School with love and patience, and build friendships with them. Team leader Yang Chen also provided safety education, reminding everyone to report any discomfort or issues immediately. Drawing from his one-year experience of teaching in Er Yuan, he introduced local customs and safety precautions to the group.


Later, HE Mingzhao and LU Ruiqian, presented the plans and arrangements for upcoming class meetings and ice-breaking activities, with other subject teachers offering detailed advice and guidance based on the proposed content.


In the following days, the teachers and students involved in the teaching program will simultaneously engage in subject teaching, thematic presentations, extracurricular activities, and sports events. Looking forward to the upcoming days of teaching, both the teachers and students are filled with excitement and confidence.