Hearts Aglow: A Summer of Joy and Togetherness Comes to an End


Time flew by, and the joyous and heartwarming opening ceremony and ice-breaking activities of the summer school feel like just yesterday. On July 18, the summer school courses came to an end. WANG Linyuan, Party Secretary of CPC SOE Committee; HUANG Jinxian, Deputy County Magistrate of Er Yuan County; CHEN Peng, Deputy Party Secretary of CPC SOE Committee; YANG Guifu, Principal of Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School, along with other school leaders, teachers, and students, bid farewell and offered their blessings at the closing ceremony, marking a perfect conclusion to the summer school. The closing ceremony was hosted by LIU Li, a professor from SOE.

At 2 pm on that day, the students and teachers had a fun sports meet at the Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School's playground. After the sports meet, the students, with beaming smiles, headed to the auditorium with their prizes and souvenirs to participate in the closing ceremony. Everyone in attendance watched the summer school's summary video, reminiscing about the memorable moments from the five-day courses.

Representatives of the arts and science classes, MA Junfeng and QIU Jianhua from Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School, delivered heartfelt speeches. "We gathered in the summer of July, and our hearts were as passionate as the summer heat." The two students shared their impressive experiences with the course content and teaching methods of the summer school, expressing heartfelt gratitude to the student teachers.

Speaking on behalf of the student teachers in this summer school, BI Yuke and YANG Jingqi gave their speeches. As an English teacher, BI was deeply moved by the students' wholehearted involvement. YANG praised the students for their astonishing creativity and teamwork and shared her experience as a local student from Dali succeed in the college entrance examination. Her dream of getting into SJTU spurred her to achieve a breakthrough in her senior year, finally realizing her dream. She encouraged students to set their goals early, work hard, and make their dreams come true.

Next, YANG Chen, the student instructor SOE shared his feelings. YANG mentioned that as a former member of the Jiao Tong University-Er Yuan Voluntary Teaching Team, Er Yuan was like a "second hometown" to him, and he was delighted to return here once again to contribute to the local education. He recounted the nervousness and anticipation during the preparations for the summer school as a student and praised students for their outstanding teaching achievements.

As a representative of Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School's teachers, MA Jinmei expressed gratitude on behalf of the school's teachers for the excellent and beneficial teacher training brought by SOE.Following that, WANG Linyuan, together with school leaders from both parties, conducted a donation ceremony.

The summer school has now come to a satisfactory conclusion. Even though we are separated by thousands of miles, the stories between SOE and Er Yuan No. 1 Middle School will continue for years to come, as we all share a common name - educators.