Shaping Educators of Tomorrow: SOE's 2024 Master's Summer Camp

SOE successfully hosted the 2024 Master's Summer Camp from July 7 to 9. Over 900 exceptional students from various universities showed interest, and more than 100 students from 35 renowned universities officially joined the camp.

The opening ceremony, graced by distinguished guests, highlighted the school's historical heritage and educational aspirations. Various presentations provided insights into the two programs offered: the professional Master's in Education and the academic Master's in Education.

Engaging talks on future trends in education and understanding students' learning were delivered, inspiring the participants. Valuable advice from experienced educators encouraged the students to embrace their educational journey.

The camp included comprehensive interviews, subject-based tests, team-building activities, and interactions with senior students, fostering camaraderie and passion for education.

In a successful conclusion, the camp left the participants with a deeper appreciation for education and a commitment to becoming outstanding educators.