Prof. CHIANG Fengkuang Addressed at the Cambridge China Education Forum


Cambridge China Education Forum (CCEF), an annual education forum organized by the University of Cambridge, with Tsinghua University and Peking University, was held on July 15-16 this year. CCEF 2023's theme is "Home in the World: Reimagining Education in Pluralised Communities".

Prof. Chiang Fengkuang, Associate Dean of SOE and Director of the Center for Future Education, was invited to attend the Education and Technology panel. Education technology has been a heated topic of discussion in recent years; from onlinelearning, datafication of learning, and virtual reality learning environments to artificial intelligence education, each of these technologies has been excitingly used in educational scenarios. The outbreak of the epidemic has made online education even more prevalent.China has been an active practitioner in the field of education technology, from primary and secondary schools to higher education institutions, trying to use information technology to enhance learning as well as teaching efficiency.

While China wants to use information technology to drive change in education, there is also ongoing controversy about the use of technology in education. Scholars have begun to question its potential to exacerbate educational inequalities, increase the risks of data veillance and privacy, and lack ethical considerations. Before integrating technology into the classroom, it is more important to consider whether technology can be used, why it is used and how it can be used following the nature of education. In the face of these pressing questions, Prof. CHIANG gave a speech on the theme of Innovating and Implementing ICT in Classroom Teaching, sharing the experience of information technology and K-12 innovative teaching, artificial intelligence education, STEM education and research insights. He also shared his thoughts in the Educational Technology panel and discuss the application of technology in educational scenarios with other scholars, providing suggestions and references to promote technology for better education.

CCEF 2023 is designed to discuss educational experiences that are both rooted in China's local context and connected to the global community, and to further explore how globalization trends have changed, localization/indigenization trends in the context of a globalized world, and how to reorient education to meet the diversified needs of the society of tomorrow. The conference brings together university academics, school leaders, frontline education professionals and policy makers to engage in dialogue on localization, diversity and inclusion in educational practice and research. With more than 50 guest speakers and 2,000-3,000 registered participants, including academics, young researchers, school leaders, educators and policy makers from China, the UK and other countries, the four main sub-forums ran smoothly.

Reference: CCEF丨剑桥中国教育论坛 - CCEF Cambridge China  Education Forum (

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi