Register for Press Release of "Education in China and the World 2023" on August 16!


Education in China and the World 2023 is the first book to introduce the data on China's education covering the overall situation and leading indicators of excellence om Eglish and it aims to contribute to the realization of "modern education with Chinese characteristics and at the world" through abundant data analyses and insightful case studies. Through rich data analysis and insightful case studies, this book aims to provide intellectual support for realizing the goal of "modern education with Chinese characteristics and at the world level", to put forward constructive ideas on how to improve education in China and in the world, and to provide references and lessons for realizing a higher level of education of better quality.

This book combines the wisdom and efforts of many experts and scholars, and presents the splendor and challenges of Chinese education. SOE and SJTU press will hold a press release on the opening day of the Shanghai Book Fair on August 16, 2023, inviting you to discuss the future of education!

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi