Training for Ding'an Middle School Successfully Completed

Recently, SOE training for young and middle-aged key teachers of Ding'an Middle School in Hainan Province was successfully completed. A total of 40 teachers from Ding'an Middle School in Hainan Province participated in the 15-day training. Mr. Zhang Luyi, Vice Principal of Ding'an Middle School, and Mr. Wang Shuai, Assistant Dean of the College of Education, attended the graduation ceremony.
During this training period, SOE invited a number of experts and scholars from SJTU, as well as famous principals and teachers from Shanghai Jiaotong University's affiliated middle schools, Yan'an Middle School, Qibao Middle School, Jincai Middle School, Fuxing Middle School, Fengxian Middle School and etc. to make up a team of high-quality teachers. The courses cover learning Chinese-style modernization, education reform, teaching innovation, moral education, science education, teaching Design, Project-based Learning, Interdisciplinary Teaching, Teacher Development, Student Psychology, Learning Motivation, Student Autonomous Learning, Educational Technology, etc. The course system is comprehensive and rich with strong practicality and relevance.

In addition, the training adopts a combination of lectures, on-site teaching, case studies, interactive exchanges and seminars. Teachers have said that through this training teaching concepts have been improved, teaching ability has been improved, the overall vision has been expanded, a lot of harvest, benefit a lot, for the future development of education and teaching work in Ding'an Middle School has laid a solid foundation.

Edited by CHEN Ruoxi