Center for Student Achievement and Human Development (CSAHD)

Center for Student Achievement and Human Development (CSAHD)


The Center for Student Achievement and Human Development (CSAHD) conducts research on undergraduate and graduate education. Key research directions include students' learning experiences, students' career preparation and employment, assessment in teaching and learning, curriculum design, academic mentoring, scholarship of teaching and learning, and faculty development. CSAHD emphasizes team efforts with team leaders in charge of design and implementation of projects.

By ongoing collaboration with other units at the university, CSAHD provides essential support for the university-wide goal of Learning at SJTU. Building upon years of research experiences, CSAHD aims at becoming an exemplar of bridging theory and practice in education in China.

Faculty and staff of the center:

LIU Shaoxue, Professor and Director

ZHU Jiabin, Associate Professor and Deputy Director

YANG Jie, Professor

CEN Yuhao, Associate Professor

ZHU Jiani, Associate Professor

YU Tianzuo, Associate Professor

CHEN Shuhua, Lecturer

ZHENG Chaoqun, Research Associate

Contact us:

Address: Room 229, Chan Suikau Hall, 800 Dong Chuan Rd, Shanghai, China

ZIP Code: 200240